Travelling to Switzerland

I wonder if Switzerland

is as cold as it looks.

Do you want to go somewhere?


You called me Sunshine those two times

and I still loved my name,

but I never loved it less.


I would even let you teach me soccer.


“We’re through,” you told me.

I called you out on that.

We would first have to have been inside to be through.



Winter froze sidewalks and

bicycle chains before

I realized he makes me foolish.

Now I wake up concussed

and blame him for the

unnatural movements of my

elbows and knees. We never know

how to present ourselves anymore.

He reads sense aloud

but it sounds jigsaw to my ears.

I can only piece together that

there is more meaning than

before. The corners of my mouth cannot

unbend. I do not understand now.

My bicycle chain is melting.